26 February 2014

It’s a Very Busy Day

Only my mother will (may) get that reference.

But anyway, we planted seeds. My tiny little petunia seeds shot up, again. The seeds of the plants for the greenhouse are taking a little longer much to the dismay of my impatient gardener husband. It’s amazing how those incredibly small seeds can produce such huge beautiful flowers.

I have gotten a surprisingly large amount of riding done this week. Twice. That’s pretty impressive for the way this winter has been going. I think I have made it out once a month, if I’ve been lucky, all winter. Earlier this week I put The Goblin Child down for her nap and grabbed a halter to catch Coyote. The child and I had been outside all morning playing in the unusual warmth of the day and I couldn’t wait to go ride. I stepped out the door only to discover it was snowing. I was determined though and decided that at the very least we would plod around the yard.

The snow was so beautiful, gigantic flakes floating gently to the ground with barely a drop of wind, that we headed into the corn field. Coyote was spooky and hot while dragging his feet and trying to convince me to turn back. I thought things would get really interesting once we turned around, but no. He walked faster and that was all. He walked that walk that would have won walking races that were held back when horses were used for transportation and it was important to have a walk like his. He zipped and bounced and we flew home in half the time it took to get out.

Then again on Tuesday, he was at the gate begging, probably for grain not riding but he shouldn’t be begging anyway maybe this will teach him. It was cold, ten degrees maybe, we kept it short but sweet. I keep telling myself, and anyone else who will listen, that spring is coming and soon we will go outside again.

2014-02-23 17.28.56Last night The Goblin Child was playing at our feet as we watched a little TV. She scrambled on and off of the couch honing her new climbing skills. Finally as her bed time drew near she grew tired of that game and tugged at her father telling him to come with her. He pulled his hand away and jokingly told her to go wait for him in bed and he would come read her a book. She turned away and we continued our movie.

Next thing we knew she was headed down the stairs. She went to the kitchen table and got her sippy cup down then turned to her bedroom door. We paused the movie and her loving father went to keep his promise. He said they actually ended up reading three books but if a eighteen month old child is going to follow orders like that I think she deserves as many books as she wants.


25 February 2014


I knew that I needed to write this, have known for the last week or so, but it was going to be hard and I couldn’t think of a way to apologize nicely so I didn’t do it. I am very sorry that my mother had to be the one to do it but she did it far better than I ever could have. Very well written but I don’t think she owed near this much apology especially since I was the one who started it and talked her into writing the beautifully written story she did write. Sorry mom. So here it is, guest post by Tammie:

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a short story about two churches, one I attend now, and one I used to attend, pushed the send button, and off it went to neversummer. 

I grabbed a coat and ran off to the church I attend now, and, God spoke to me about what I had just written.

True, the voice he used was our young preacher, Steve, who preached from Romans 14, but the words spoken were Gods.

  “Accept him whose faith is weak, without passing judgement on disputable matters. One mans faith allows him to eat everything, but another man, whose faith is weak, eats only vegetables. The man who eats every thing must not look down on him who does not, and the man who does not eat every thing must not condemn the man who does, for God has accepted him”

Steve went on to say, do not poke at the one who’s faith is weaker, or tease him, as the worse thing we can do is be a stumbling block to one of Gods children.

I knew that was what I had done, even though I had tried to write as if I were not. 

Then midweek came, and God was not done yet.

Steve spoke again, this time reminding us of how Jesus offered bread to Judas at the last supper. Reaching out his hand to Judas, giving him the bread which represents Jesus’s body, broken for us, knowing that Judas would leave immediately to sell Jesus to the priests and pharisees. Even knowing this, Jesus offered Judas another chance, to break bread together, something one does as a sign of trust and friendship. Steve reminded us that we can do no less for our enemies, for those we feel far from or feel have wronged us.

If that is so, how could I have written something that might hurt anyone from a weaker faith who might read it?

So, what can I say?

Just that I am sorry. I did mean to be judgmental, but didn’t really think it was that bad.  God felt otherwise. 



24 February 2014

Main Street Cam!

Something happened!

I don’t know what, it doesn’t really matter that’s not the point. The point is that if you had been looking at the main street cam some time before 9:40ish you might have seen it. At 9:41 I looked and could still see an ambulance sitting there, that in its self is something happening.

Oh the excitement.

It’s a small town it doesn’t take much to entertain me. I do hope it was nothing bad of course.

21 February 2014

Planting Petunias

And everything else.

We started the first batch of seeds inside today. I planted petunias ,Wild, Vineing, Burpee’s Best Mix and some random petunia seeds I picked from one of the pots in the yard.

My gardener husband planted more practical things. Four types of tomatoes, Jetstar, Solar Fire, Super Sauce and Sweet Tangerine. And a very impressive eight peppers, Garden Salsa, Goliath Griller, Highlander, Purple Jalapeno, Sweet Goliath, Yummy, Golden Treasure and Orange Blaze. The last two were extras because the seeds were there and we had some extra space to fill. The others will go in the green house. Later in the year we will plant the plants to go in the outside garden.

20 February 2014

Play Date

This is a whole new world for me. A good one, like taking a horse to a show, having a friend over or going to a friends house points out holes in your training. Last week we went to visit a friend at their house this week they came to ours.

The Goblin Child is our little social butterfly. She loves to see people and play with other peoples toys. When it came to someone else playing with her toys it wasn’t quite as fun. Having another child in HER house came as a bit of a shock. Then to top it off he wanted to touch HER toys. The other mother is so good about making sure her child is well behaved, she makes sure he shares and doesn’t take toys away from guests. That is amazingly hard to live up to.

I always thought my little Goblin was well behaved. I have learned otherwise.

All in all we both enjoy the visits, I can only hope the other participants do too. If I have discovered that I am not as good a trainer as I thought then that gives me something to work on. Hopefully with time the two children will start playing together in stead of

It's good for her to play with someone other than her puppy
It’s good for her to play with someone other than her puppy

separately in the same room. They are cute to watch in their separate togetherness. He is a big boy who talks, a lot, and is very sweet and cheery. The Goblin Child is tiny and overly energetic, she doesn’t talk but knows lots of animal sounds. Maybe he will teach her to talk the way her cousin taught her to walk.


12 February 2014

Happy Birthday!

How old are you now? I believe you are getting perilously close to forty. I can never remember, to me you never seem to age. Stuck forever at perfect, how awful. You are still the worlds best husband, and father. I hope you have a good day today, as usual I wish you didn’t have to always work so hard. If were up to me you would stay home all day and we could watch movies and play on the computers, maybe even venture outside, if the weathers nice. As it is we are looking forward to lunch and can’t wait till you get home from work.

11 February 2014

Long Winter

The weather has been miserable this winter. I want desperately to go outside. I have been running out during naps to feed chickens and grain the horses, I never grain the horses usually but it is so cold out. Yesterday it got clear up to twenty! We went out and played in the snow, it was fun. Last night she was acting a little sick. So much for getting outside.

The whole weather thing gives me lots of time to write though, for better or worse. I should be cleaning house I suppose.

My husband is a tech genius, he wont tell you that, he is humble, but I can say it, so we are inundated with technology around our house. It’s pretty cool. Combine that with my new favorite topic of child training and training a child to use technology effectively becomes a topic of interest.

The schools spend ridicules amounts of time and money trying to teach this. The attempt is failing miserably. It’s sad when there are so many very good resources out there. One option is the Raspberry pi. They are small, cheap computers, just a mother board really, and endlessly programmable. We have two of them and I’m sure will collect more around the house as my tech savvy husband dreams up more uses for them. We watch TV through it somehow, don’t ask me how I am not the techie, and listen to pod casts using the other. He talks about getting a camera and a waterproof case and taking time lapse pictures of the garden.

Right now there is a push for students to learn one hour of code. Our local school librarian/computer teacher has done this with some of her students they have some great resources available. I have had a page with lessons and games for beginners open on my desktop for a week now meaning to study up myself. Never do get to it, I’m the horse person not the techie.

We have some really cool games here, ready and waiting for The Goblin Child to get a little bigger. She has the want to, she is constantly grabbing at our phones, computers and remotes. She just doesn’t get that she is moving the mouse or pushing buttons for a purpose yet. Seriously, she’s only a year and a half, patience people, patience. But when she does, there are games available on Linux that boot through a CD or USB stick so a child can’t break the computer. My child can completely break a phone or computer with a single touch so that is very important. I played one the other day, when my husband was experimenting with them to see if he could get it to work. The one I played was fun and hard. We did physics with crayons, I am hopeless.

I also see talk of this sort of thing on my favorite homeschooling blogs. Penelope feels that gaming is a very good teaching tool, as a very beginner player at WoW, more on that later, I think it is incredibly difficult and I see how it would teach many skills including technology. I suppose we will let her dabble in that sort of thing also, with supervision of course.

That said I am off to read The Goblin Child a book, of the paper variety. Technology is great up to a point.

10 February 2014

Speaking of Seeds

My brother keeps asking what we plant as he tries to figure out what he wants to try. He planted his first garden last year and was almost as excited about it as I was. This year we will be planting:2013-04-04 09.51.15

Beans: Cosmos, Dragon Tongue, Provider, Top Crop

Cabbage: Gonzoles, Super Red 80

Cantaloupe: Honey Orange, Honey White, Lambkin, Sarah’s Choice, Savor, Serenada F1

Carrot: Deep Purple, Mokum, Nelson, Romance, Sugarsnax

Corn: Mirai, Vision, Xtra-Tender 277A, Xtra Tender 3473, Wilda’s Pride (Ornamental)

Cucumber: Sweet Success, Sweeter Yet

Kohlrabi: Kolibri, Korriodor, Winner

Lettuce: Black Seeded Simpson, Butter Crunch, Five Star Greenhouse, Flashy Trout Back, Green Star

Okra: Carmine Splendor, Chant, Clemson Spinless

Onion: Undecided will see whats available in the greenhouses at the time, probably a red, sweet white, white and a shallot

Peas: Green Arrow, Premium, Sugar Heart, Super Sugar Snap, Wando

Peppers: Cayenne Purple, Garden Salsa, Goliath Griller, Highlander, Purple Bell, Purple Jalapeno, Orange Blaze, Sweet Goliath, Yummy(favorite)

Potatoes: Masquerade, Red Norkotah, Viking, Yukon Gold. Not purchased yet but this is the usual

Radish: Cherry Bell, Crunchy Royale, Ping Pong

Spinach: Emu, Pigeon, Red Kitten, Space

Sun Flower: Royal Hybrid 1121. I actually got these harvested last fall and roasted for seeds, good.

Swiss Chard: Prima Rosa

Tomato: Black Krim, Fresh Salsa, Gourmet Heirloom Blend, Heirloom Cherry Blend, Jetstar F1, Roma vf, Solar FireHybrid VFFFSt, Speckled Roman, SuperSauce Hybrid (huge!), Sweet Tangerine

Watermelon: Crimson Sweet, Million Bucks Hybrid, Orange Tendersweet, Sweet Favorite, Tom Watson

Zucchini: Greyzini, Gadzukes

It seems like a ridicules amount when written out. It seems excessive when planting and harvesting, but when sitting inside in the winter looking at seed catalogs they all look so good. If we didn’t practice great restraint the list would be much longer.


9 February 2014

A Tale of Two Churches

Guest post by Tammie:

One church, started in the eighteen hundreds, by young men and women believers, waiting for the return of Christ. Teaching from the bible, spreading the word of God across the world. One of their founders spoke often of how God spoke straight to her in visions.

The other church, started in the nineteen seventies, by young men and women believers, waiting for the return of Christ. Teaching from the bible, spreading the word of God across the world. One of their founders speaks often of how God speaks to him, how we should all listen for the small, still voice of God.

Both churches grew over the years. One to become a denomination with small churches and ministries scattered over the nation, and further. They strongly uphold the health laws of the bible, they know the body is the temple of the Lord. They are strict in how they obey the lord. No loud music, no frivolity, no casual clothing, no tattoos or body piercings. They feel strongly against overly large churches who play loud music and might be more open in their beliefs.

The other turned into a mega church. They have several smaller satellite churches around their large city, their leader shares his teachings around the nation and world, helping smaller churches use his successful methods to bring new members in. They know the body is the temple of the lord. They urge all to care for their body, as God does. They are not strict, but know if you love the lord, you will do as he asks. Their music is loud. Sometimes they laugh, dress is casual, and there are quite a few young people with tattoos and body piercings. They feel some need stricter guidelines from God, but God gives us much freedom within his love.

One day, a preacher at one of the churches, told of attending a pot luck lunch. He was visiting and so a deaconess helped direct him to the food. “Avoid that dish, if you would, as it contains cheese” she advised him. She spoke loudly and every one heard. He would have known something was not right with that dish anyway, as everyone in the vegan church were carefully passing it by. Said preacher did notice a lady standing off to the side, alone, wiping away tears.

Sadly, a new convert who did not know it was wrong to eat cheese.

At this point all who heard might have been wondering what the preacher would do? I will leave it up to each of us to decide what the right thing would have been. The preacher carefully passed up the plate, along with the deaconess and all the others, much to the embarrassment of the new convert. We are told the churches actual pastor and his wife later taught the woman the “right” way to eat there by giving the story a happy ending.

One day a preacher at the other church gave a sermon on our body being the temple of the lord. How God looked at it after creating it and said it was very good. The preacher said to not cut it, or stress it unduly. To fill it with  good foods and not let it become overweight or unfit. If it was not cared for properly, it would not be up to the task of sharing Gods word. The preacher ended by asking his congregation “now after hearing this, what do you think is the one thing I would want for you? To be thin and healthy? No, that every day you read the  bible!”

8 February 2014

It’s That Time of Year Again

Just when winter is at it’s darkest we are offered a reprieve. The seed catalogs have been pouring in since Christmas, we sat down a couple of weeks ago and chose the seeds we were out of, and the new ones that sounded fun. Now it is time to get those seeds ordered and get them started. There’s just one problem.

Last year I decided I wanted to start some flowers too. They worked beautifully, I had huge baskets all summer. We didn’t have enough room to start them all though. My dedicated gardener husband jerry rigged enough lights and we staggered the starting dates so everything worked but it was not pretty. This year he decided to build a real honest to goodness seedling starter stand, we aren’t really sure what to call it.

Sure he could have ordered one ready made but what fun would that be? Not to mention expensive. Our favorite garden catalog, Johnny’s, carries them.