21 June 2012


I am a stay at home farm wife who dabbles in writing, riding and child rearing. Hopefully not in that order.

I am also incapable of using the proper form of to/too although I can usually get two correct. Grammar is not my forte my husband proofreads when he gets a chance but in general, please bear with me. In other words, live with it.


  1. By Debbie on

    Hey girlfriend,
    Your mom mentioned you know of a farrier school that may take horses like roper he has hock issues. I was hoping to get some further info.
    Thx in advance

  2. By Gary Antosh on

    Hey neversummer.nitebreeze.com,

    Gary here from PlantCareToday.com

    I’m emailing you today because we just updated our article on caring for Petunia plants.

    While researching the article, I noticed you linked to:


    in your post here:


    Did you know that in 1823, King George III sent Joseph Bonaparte, (Napoleon’s Brother) back to explore Argentina. During his journey, samples were collected and send back to Spain where botanists confirmed the petunias relationship to tobacco.

    Review the article at:


    Might make a great addition and resource to your page?

    All The Best,



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