28 July 2015

Wheat Harvest, Finally Done

It got off to a slow start. Lots of hot days followed by rain. Even with all the moisture this year the crop was poor to mediocre. The late snows and freezes in May(!) did a lot of damage and set everything back.

27 July 2015

Summer Things

It’s here, it’s busy, it’s the usual. Pictures are easier than words.

We’ve been hauling hay

Swimming lessons are done but they were sure fun while they lasted



When not playing at this pool



We like to play in our pool

I have been noticing what excellent city parks we are blessed with. We, one of us in particular, enjoy exploring them with the cousins and friends.

The garden is doing pretty good. Especially considering the late snows that sat it back quite a bit. My pumpkins are growing many inches every day, it’s pretty amazing. Our one cucumber plant died which is really sad considering 8 eats, gnaws to a disgusting pulp, a slice for supper every night.

Unfortunately not much horse stuff going on right now. I keep reminding myself that when 8 gets bigger there will be time for that again. For now I try to get out and hose the poor things down with fly spray half as often as they need it and make sure they have all their legs.


7 July 2015

Swimming Lessons

And of course that means the the temperature drops from the nineties to sixties and we are all freezing. I don’t know how it does it every year. But we are tough, or maybe it’s more that the adults throwing the children into the waterΒ  aren’t wet and cold. It’s not so bad I think, as the one not in the water, they have the heat in the pool turned up and the water is near one hundred degrees.