2 July 2024

A Gift of Wind

One thing was for sure. Something was broken.

The problem with wells is that they’re under ground. There’s no simple way to look and see what’s going on.

The problem with wells and windmills is that the wind has to be blowing to be able to see what’s going on.

This well has a windmill and a solar pump. The combination means that no matter the weather there’s almost always something that make water pump. These are the most reliable, least worrisome tanks on the place. They always have water!

Except now.

The stream was getting smaller and smaller. We could hear the solar pump pumping. It was working. Kind of. But no water was coming out. If only we knew whether the windmill was able to pump water. The trickle the solar pump was producing would never keep up with the cows until someone could get out to work on the well. If the windmill was pumping water they would be ok over night. If the wind would only blow.

We stood there looking up at the perfectly still windmill on the rare perfectly still day.

My husband cussed it. Said there was no way we’d be able to know that. We’d have to just move the cows.

No, I said. God and I have a deal. I have never once needed a windmill to turn, to fix it, or check it, or do some sort of work, just a few turns of the head, that He hasn’t sent just enough wind to get the job done. Just wait a minute.

We sat there waiting. A moment or two that seemed longer in the dust and heat. Shortly there came a stirring. The grass rustled ahead of the breeze. Then the head squealed as the breeze started it going. It cranked just long enough for a solid stream of water to come out of the pipe. Then it eased to a stop.

The well was fine. There was water down there. When the wind picked up again for real the cows would have water until we could get it fixed. I would never be so greedy as to ask for a steady breeze. But that single gust to move the sucker rod to where I needed it or to check the well. Those have never not been provided when I ask. I never doubted it would come.

God and I have a deal and I full appreciate it.


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