31 March 2013

Busy Month

It has been quite a while since I got around to this last, since then things have been a little busy. The Goblin Child got sick for her first time, just a cold fortunately. Every thing with her is a little scary though. The doctors have spent her entire life telling us how fragile she is. She has gotten a VERY expensive shot every month for the last five months to protect her little preemie lungs from RSV. What is that exactly? I don’t know, but I do know it’s a respiratory sickness that goes around the school regularly not bothering older healthy children. The last one is done though, hooray! She is over that now with nothing worse than a cough and runny nose.

We then hauled our delicate sickly child to Omaha to see my Grandmother, mom, brother, sister-in-law and their boy Sabbath and my husbands aunt. That sounds like a lot of people already but we thought we would risk it with her and hope she didn’t catch anything. To our surprise it turned into an impromptu family reunion. We got to see every family member I have. All those who live in Nebraska at least. As always there is never enough time to visit and we had to come home, that whole work thing always gets in the way.

The Goblin Child seems to have come through it with out any difficulty I however thought I was going to die. It hit me as we were leaving Omaha. That means that for the five hundred mile drive home, eight hours minimum, through the sand hills and with a slightly cranky baby in the back seat we got to stop, along side the highway (that sand hills part that means not a town in sight) so I could (how do I put this delicately? Hmm, guess I don’t) spew my guts on the side of the road. Such fun.

Goblin child hasn’t caught it yet but my poor beleaguered husband did. This whole weekend he has been mostly dead. It’s amazing how weak this thing leaves you. He seems to be on the road to recovery and I can’t decide if he was fortunate to get it over the weekend and not have to miss any work or if that’s the other way around?

17 March 2013

Feeding The Horses

One fine spring day we took a walk out to see the horses. We brought along a bucket of grain because horses always need treats. They were glad to see us and for the first time The Goblin Child seemed to notice them.

She thought they were very interesting. They thought maybe she was food.

I am hoping to have her thoroughly desensitized to them so she will be ready to ride come summer. I can’t wait until we get her a pony of her own. Every time we go to Bomgaars I take her to look at halters. She hasn’t decided on a favorite color yet, she thinks they all taste good.

I have started having fantisies of a little Morgan mare. Mid teens and dead quiet. She could be shared between The Goblin Child and my not a horses person husband and I could Breed her to Nev. I keep telling my self that’s the last thing I need.

Of course I haven’t found the perfect mare either.

16 March 2013

More Baby Stuff

It wasn’t all that long ago that I was worried because it didn’t seem like I had any stories to tell about the Goblin Child. Every thing I had to say was about gardening or horses. I thought it must confirm, not that there was ever really any doubt, that I was a bad mother.

Now everything I have to say is about her. That doesn’t suddenly make me a good mother but it makes me feel better about it. She and I have been playing outside in the beautiful weather and that has made me worry about her being out in the sun.


Today it is snowing so no playing outside. For us at least. My gardener husband decided to plow, or something, the garden.

I don’t believe that’s overkill.

I asked he says he chiseled the garden, not over kill at all.

14 March 2013

Good Weather

Between a sick child and a busy schedule, I haven’t been able to, seriously, work Nev for a while. Ever since the weather got nice I believe. I have sat inside or in town longing to be out working a horse or riding one. Today I finally got a good lesson in.

I brought him in and threw my saddle on. He, of course, had no problem with it. He needs to start getting used to my saddle, it is the one I will be riding him in. I longed him a little working on voice commands. Then we moved to my horse playground to play over the obstacles, then to a very steep bank to make sure he was used to the feel of the saddle from every position before he experiences it with me on his back. I am the queen of over preparedness.

It is driving me crazy not to be able to get on. Between the small child and always working husband and a lack of a place to do so I shall simply have to practice patience.Β  Oh yes, there is also the complete lack of abdominal muscles after the c-section last fall. I keep meaning to exercise but something always seems to come up just then.

I hate waiting.

13 March 2013

To The Best Wife Ever

Happy Birthday!

You haven’t said that you don’t want any fuss made, and because I don’t ever want any fuss made over my birthday, I assume maybe others don’t either. However, I am going to make a fuss over your birthday. At your young age, I think it’s probably appropriate yet. Someday when you get older like me, you will see that the less that’s said about growing another year older, the better! No matter how old you get, you will be the perfect age. That spark of life that keeps me feeling much younger than I am.

So what’s the fuss going to be? Nothing too over the top. You and Elly coming to town for lunch on your birthday…it’s always so nice to see you both during my lunch break. That evening, we will make a toast β€œto us” with the sparkling cider and then sip it as we watch a movie. On Friday, we will travel to Alliance for Elly’s doctor appointment and possibly find a birthday present for you…if not there, then I’m sure in Chadron… πŸ˜‰ Then that evening, we will go to the steakhouse in town for a nice steak meal…just the two of us.

I love you!

11 March 2013

First Taste of Dirt

We are hoping that our young Goblin Child will share our love of gardening. So far she seems interested. It may be a little soon to tell. I am anticipating summer and hoping that I will be able to set her in the garden to play in the dirt while I weed and such. We theorize that good clean dirt with a few bugs thrown in for protein builds a healthy constitution.

One warm early March day I brought her along as I dabbled a little in the flowerbed. The Daffodils are well on their way Hyacinth are coming and the chickens are eating off the Crocuses. I hoped to weed and little Goblin Child of course had to help.

9 March 2013

Exploring Ava

5 March 2013

In Hindsight

Normal eating conditions
Normal eating conditions

We grow the most beautiful purple carrots. We have very nice orange ones to, but there’s just something about the purple carrots. They are dark, brilliantly jewel toned. We dug some of both colors the other day. They are storing nicely in the ground of the green house. I added some to the stew and decided to try making baby food with the others.

It seemed like such a good idea.

Think how pretty purple baby food would be. I could make two batches. The other could be boring orange. So I chopped and boiled the purple carrots until they were soft and pureed them. As my hand began to turn purple I remembered how badly they stained. This baby food so purple it is near black suddenly didn’t seem like a very good thing. I began to thinkΒ  of how she eats with food smeared from top to bottom, covering clothes, hair even eyeballs. I imagined a purple baby.

I finished the baby food anyway. I’m no quitter. A purple baby wouldn’t be all bad, it’s a pretty color.

3 March 2013

First Ride

2013-03-03 14.40.30The long awaited day has finally arrived! After waiting patiently all winter we received a nice warm spring day and the Small Goblin Child got her first pony ride.

I was saddling good old Coyote for one of those rare and treasured times when the stars align and I manage to squeeze in a ride. As preparations were nearing completion her father stepped out the door with her to show her the horses and enjoy some of the beautiful weather. I saw my chance and had him hand her up. We took a brief stroll about the yard.

I don’t know that she loved it but she didn’t cry. She seemed rather happy. It was a little harder than I had imagined it would be to carry her. Instead of sitting nicely in front of me in the saddle she kept sliding deeper into a hole I had not known existed. The room between my stomach and the horn also seemed to have gotten less. I hope we can get it worked out I have great plans for the two of us to go ridding this summer.