14 March 2013

Good Weather

Between a sick child and a busy schedule, I haven’t been able to, seriously, work Nev for a while. Ever since the weather got nice I believe. I have sat inside or in town longing to be out working a horse or riding one. Today I finally got a good lesson in.

I brought him in and threw my saddle on. He, of course, had no problem with it. He needs to start getting used to my saddle, it is the one I will be riding him in. I longed him a little working on voice commands. Then we moved to my horse playground to play over the obstacles, then to a very steep bank to make sure he was used to the feel of the saddle from every position before he experiences it with me on his back. I am the queen of over preparedness.

It is driving me crazy not to be able to get on. Between the small child and always working husband and a lack of a place to do so I shall simply have to practice patience.Β  Oh yes, there is also the complete lack of abdominal muscles after the c-section last fall. I keep meaning to exercise but something always seems to come up just then.

I hate waiting.

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