15 November 2017


The Goblin Child, 8, and I went with their adoring father down to Kearney. For Work. Work for him, fun for us. We got up bright and early and started our drive. We ate breakfast at Taco Johns in Alliance, who knew their breakfast food actually tasted good? Then lunch at Runza in Broken Bow, nothing wrong with planningΒ  trip around food! And made it to Kearney in time for his first meeting. He went off to work and we went off to the pool. We got done swimming, he got done working and we went to find food. Valintino’s!!

The next day we woke up late already for his first meeting. Ooops. I ran downstairs to bring breakfast up for the kids while he rushed to get ready. He went off to meetings and we swam. Back to the room we rushed to get cleaned up and out of their before checkout time. Then we explored. Kearney has some great bike trails. A really good Tractor Supply and a Runza. Guess where we ate when we picked him up for lunch πŸ˜‰

After lunch we went to see the sights. I found Fort Kearney when I looked up things to do. It was deserted and wonderful. There are none of the buildings still standing like Fort Robinson, but there is a rebuilt fort building. It is old and rickety, covered in moss and starting to deteriorate although it is not historically old only perhaps what is kindly called vintage. The kids ran and played and climbed trees. It reminded me of playing in Nebraska City as a kid running around Arbor State Historical Park. Lots of room to run and trees to play in, no need for toys or an official playground, nature provided.

It was cold though so we finally called it quits. Further down the road was river access and real playgrounds but they were cold and tired and didn’t want to get out again. So we, easily, found the archway. It was only visible over the interstate from everywhere we went.

Outside, in the parking lot, was a huge maze. We really didn’t need to go in, this was entertainment enough. Still cold though, so we ran through a few times then headed for the building. First we found some statues that diverted us for awhile. Finally making it to the door, it was amazing. Well worth the propaganda and fuss made about it. The kids were terrified, they clung to my legs all the way through and we didn’t get to read much of the stories. It was still impressive, I could have spent much more time there.

Once through we went back outside to explore and ended up back on the bike trail we had walked on before lunch. About then we got the call wondering where we were? Were we almost back to pick him up yet? We weren’t. After finally getting back to pick him up we started the long tired drive home. We had a great time, not so sure about him. We got to play, he had to sit through conferences both boring and interesting. We decided he should attend as many more as he can, as long as he chooses ones in interesting places. like, you know, Kearney πŸ™‚

7 November 2017

Happy Halloween ’17

What can I say, It was perfect!