22 February 2023

More Cold Weather

Pansy says it’s cold out.
After coming outside with us briefly this morning to feed and retreated back into the house. There she huddled on her own personal couch until we covered her with her blanket. She hasn’t moved since then.
It’s -4 outside with the wind howling. No idea what the windchill is. Just cold. It’s spitting snow but doesn’t look like we’ll be getting the 12 inches or so they were predicting.
That’s a good thing. Popcorn, Ghost, and Acorn are in the barn, as are the goats. I need to go check on them after we eat lunch. I blanketed Popcorn last night because we knew it was going to be miserable. She stood quietly to be blanketed. No need to tie her, she wanted her blanket.
I will switch them out with the horses later, give them some in the barn time.
Tomorrow is supposed to be colder then we’ll be back up around freezing for Friday.
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