31 December 2014

Too Cold to ???

IMG_20141225_153826_635It’s cold out.

Twenty eight below last night. The night before was only four or so below. We have been letting the cat and dog inside at night so they don’t freeze. The cat was nowhere to be seen night before last though, so with a slight feeling of relief that it wouldn’t be inside to wake us up in the middle of the night we left it out.

The next morning it was waiting at the door and dashed inside as soon as it was opened.

We ate breakfast then began our many treks back and forth through the house chasing the child or fetching for her.  Soon we noticed a stench about mid house. Looking around we decided the floor was free of animal leavings. Poor Daisy originally received the blame, she had been in all night and was still refusing to set foot outside and the cat had just gotten in. We looked over and under furniture and finally remembered the litter box.

I am not a big fan of cats, not indoor cats for sure. When our cat it was a tiny kitten and spent most of its time indoors so we got it a litter box. The box got used regularly for the first year, almost. Then it became a good little kitty and started going outside where all good animals go. We left the box for emergencies. Like cold winter nights when it gets to stay inside. It hasn’t been used for almost a year now, but we leave it still just in case.

Now it had been used. Well used. Apparently it is too cold to do that sort of thing outside.

25 December 2014

Merry Christmas!

DSC02724We have been enjoying a long and snowy Christmas here. So much to say about it, I think it would be easier to tell with pictures.





On Christmas eve the guys started clearing snow. Before that the wind was blowing to hard to be worth trying, things blow shut so fast.

That evening we headed east to a beautiful old country church for the Christmas eve service. My father-in-law and his family attended this church when he was a boy. That wasn’t enough of a draw to convince the in-laws to come with though so we enjoyed it with just us. I had never been in the church before, it is quite beautiful. Lots of intricate wood work and tin ceilings. The pews were packed and we knew almost everybody. The Goblin Child’s favorite playmate was in the children’s program and we had fun laughing at his very good behavior. After the service the two of them had fun running up and down the aisle, playing the piano and hiding in the pulpit. We will never be allowed to come back. As the service began I received a text from my brother with a picture of the gorgeous and completely different service they were attending. It is amazing how opposite the two were while still both being so great.

Christmas morn we slept late and ate a leisurely breakfast before opening presents. Probably the last time we will ever be able to do that.

And some more sledding cause who can ever have enough. We made a date last night with Whitten to go sledding together today if the weather was nice. It’s not. We are getting MORE snow. Guess this will have to do for now.

24 December 2014


I tend to complain a lot about being pregnant. Some, me, might call me down right whiny. I’m fat, I can’t ride my horse (as much), I have hart burn, I have to get a shot. What fun is Christmas when we spend most of our time running to town for doctors appointments. What fun is Christmas when I don’t get to go see my family this year. My self absorption is overwhelming, even to me at times.

Sometimes it takes a little wake up call for me to appreciate how good I have it.

On my way in, to get that nasty shot I hate so much, the other day I passed a tow truck hauling a pick up that had obviously been rolled out of a roadside corn field. It didn’t look so bad but is the third vehicle to roll this month on our quiet little highway. It wasn’t until later that day that I heard the story, it’s a small town things get around fast. Four children from one family had been on their way to school, driven by the oldest brother when he lost control on the slick road. They were all beat up pretty good with the youngest thrown from the car which then landed within a foot of him. He was rushed to Denver with serious injuries.

What a way to spend Christmas with one child out of state in the hospital and the others recovering from injuries. What a way to spend Christmas for those poor parents thinking how close they came to losing one or all of their children. What a way to spend Christmas thinking how lucky I am to be pregnant, to have a beautiful, sweet, healthy child by my side. To have a loving, caring, considerate husband who helps so much with doctors appointments and caring for our little girl, I couldn’t do it with out him.

I am blessed, sometimes it takes seeing a real problem to remember how insignificant mine are.

23 December 2014

A Thing for Bing

Every year I seem to get off on a different Christmas music kick. Not that I don’t still love the ones from before, I just find that another has taken the place as a favorite. This year it seems to be Bing, Crosby. If I were to have a celebrity crush it would be him. He’s so dashing, so debonair, kind of reminds me of my husband. The Goblin Child appears to share my affections. We got her hooked with The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad back around Halloween. She happily sings “Ba ba baboom”. Sometimes even when she recognizes his music.

We have finished watching Holliday Inn ( I always thought the Happy Holidays song was one of the early attempts at political correctness.Who knew that they were really talking about all the hollidays) and will be seeing White Christmas some time soon. Maybe today with our little blizzard going outside. We will definitely be enjoying a white Christmas.

My Favorite, at the moment, is I’ll be Home for Christmas. We started the Christmas movie watching season with Joyeux Noel. One of the best and saddest Christmas movies ever.


14 December 2014

Facebook Gone Wrong

Of course those who know me know that I consider Facebook to be wrong even when it goes right.

Having recently helped my Grandmother to get a smartphone we have embarked on an adventure together. It remains to be seen if either of us will survive, but it’s been fun. With a phone there must come Facebook; how else to keep up with friends and family? With the rather dubious help of my mother she has begun to experiment with commenting. Through speech-to-text of course which only adds to the adventure. So with lots of begging for forgiveness grandma, here is a fine example of the joys of modern technology. Can you guess what she was trying to say?

Grandma commenting on a picture of a new pair of pants:
-How The Hobbit kathryn grey black pants why didn’t you take a picture of them I only saw the top half of you buddy
-Sorry kathryn I was trying to say what they used to say many years ago and not grey black but black pants sorry I’ve been drinking by
The wearer of the pants, baffled:
-I can’t help that I’m short lol

Grandma to her other granddaughter:
-What an adorable little snow girl you look very pretty Melanie this is your great grandma died
-I’m I’m sending a correction to my earlier message I did not die I am the microphone picks up the strange things I think I said I start to say to tammie did I and then hit picked up dad died sorry I’m not dead by

Here’s hoping  Grandma will still speak to me after posting this. She’s doing a great job with the new phone even if she doesn’t always think so. These very amusing mistakes come from the speech to text and are not her doing. And should definitely mention that she wasn’t drinking. Never having had a computer of any sort it’s a big jump from flip phone to smart phone. Be patient and keep trying Grandma, you’re doing good.

13 December 2014

Christmas Festivities

DSC02720How did it sneak up on us so fast? Only eleven days to go, if my math is correct and it seldom is.  I had so many big plans and have accomplished none of them. We have Christmas lights up and a tree but no cookie decorating parties, and what else, I don’t know maybe that was it.

We did go to the Santa Soup Cook Off last night. It was packed. The Goblin Child sat on Santas lap and smiled for a picture. We looked at what was for sale, waited in the mile long line to sample the soups and decorated an ornament. It was just to much for the child, her head nearly exploded as we tried to sit and eat. The only thing she really wanted and that would get her to hold still was being with her cousins. Ava and Cade were there with their mom and she wanted to spend every second holding the hand of one or the other.

With her bouncing off the walls we decided to forgo the Christmas concert. The music teacher always does an excellent job with it and we were hoping to see it again. As much as we had wanted to see it there was no way The Child would sit still long enough to enjoy any of it. As a consolation, to us, we went to look at the Christmas lights. There are a few houses around town that go all out and a farm east of town that decorates the whole yard. We let the child come stand in the front seat with us as we drove slowly around the yard. She oohed and awed at the over abundance of Christmas spirit but was mostly interested in anything Micky and Minny related. She was not happy to get back in the car seat but we had more lights to see. Another house back on the highway was aglow and visible from miles away. Not as big but brighter perhaps. She had no trouble in her overstimulated state staying awake till we got home to look at our neighbors lights once again. They are always impressive and have two Micky Mouses.

7 December 2014

Hide and Seek

IMG_20141207_142407_427The weather was beautiful today. So much so that it was hard to make ourselves head to town and church. As a compromise we went outside to play for awhile before getting ready. Somehow an impromptu game of hide and seek broke out.

It was the child’s first time playing and the rules were a bit sketchy. She had a tendency to peek and give orders as to hiding places but we all had a blast. Her father helped her stand against a tree and count the first time as I stood behind a small leafless bush. Children are amazing. She stared straight at me through the branches without seeing then with a little help and nudging she was squealingly delighted to discover me there. Then her father hid. He’s a good hider.  By the time we counted to three he had disappeared. He wasn’t behind the bush. He wasn’t behind the barrel. He startled a particularly loud squeal from he when she discovered him behind the bunk house.

She wanted a turn at hiding too. Usually leaping out at us before we had a chance to find her. We of course jumped and squealed appropriately. The game could have gone on all day but it was time to get ready.

5 December 2014

Bringing Home The Rest of The Cows

For once the weather was beautiful. Last year I believe it was about nineteen degrees. Of course last year I got to bring a horse. Given a choice I’m not sure which I would choose. Maybe next year I can have both. Beautiful is relative of course, thirties to low forties, most things are nice compared to nineteen degrees.

The Goblin Child and I bundled up warm and rode on the four wheeler with her father. I am sure we were a BIG help. The poor thing isn’t made to carry that much weight. We didn’t fit very well either with four of us and Daisy. But we enjoyed it, or I did, not sure that the child could see out wedged between us as she was. But it was warmer and safer and allowed her father some limited steering ability.

The cattle came in easy enough and headed straight for the corrals. The four-wheelers were dropping like flies though, which I have to mention because, to everyone’s pleasure I’m sure, I spend the whole time saying how much better everything would work with horses. One was over heating and another just died. Ours worked fine though allowing The Goblin Child and I to chase those cows. We had dropped her father off to bring the pickup and trailer along.

Growing tired of sitting the child insisted on standing on the seat in front of me. I was fine with it, other than my arm growing sore from holding her, until she turned around and yanked my hat off my head. Not exactly sure what happened then  but it went in very slow motion. I let go of her to grab the hat and she fell backwards off the side of the four-wheeler. I realized I was dropping my child to save my hat and had a change of priorities. Letting the hat fall I reached down and grabbed the leg of the child who seemed to be floating  on her back sticking out to the side of the four-wheeler and pulled her upright by her lower leg. It doesn’t make sense. Not really sure of the logistics here, it must have been a God thing.

We were stopped by then, not that we were moving above a crawl in the first place but stopped is still good. She decided it might be a good idea to sit down. We retrieved my hat from the ground and continued on after the cattle none the worse for the wear.

Much to the overly excitable child’s delight an airplane flew low over our heads as we walked down the road. She is fascinated by pwanes and tried to tell everybody around us about it, whether they could hear over the work they were doing and the noise of engines or not. She pointed and talked and asked for more when we could no longer see it. Luckily for her the owner of the plane came by to visit after he had landed. With some fair amount of hinting he invited us over to see it closer, not for a ride fortunately for me. She got to sit in it and look around to her hearts content. It was a beautiful plane, built in 1946 it’s build consisted of a steel frame, light pipes it seemed, and some wood parts covered in cloth. I mean the whole body was covered in cloth. No metal, except a little around the nose, and no plastic, all fabric that is stretched over the frame then ironed to shrink fit it. It was fascinating and horrifying. It has lasted this long though so apparently it works.

After getting all the cattle hauled home and calves sorted off cows and lunch ate and the child down for a much needed nap I played the pregnant card and quit for the day. Riding around on the four-wheeler all morning took muscles I don’t have at the moment and as much as I wanted to continue playing (vaccinating the calves) I really could go on no longer. So here I sit playing on the computer while by the sound of things outside the guys have finished with the calves and are pushing this bunch of cattle out to join the others on the corn stalks. It is nearly dark, the warmth of the day used up and a good time to be done with a good days work.

1 December 2014

Trimming the Tree

IMG_20141130_183347_812We got our Christmas tree yesterday. Last year we put up a fake one. The Goblin Child was toddling about and the kitty was young, a full sized tree seemed like disaster waiting to happen. Before that we had usually gone out and cut our own tree. It was the most fun, searching for hours up and down the draws until we found just the right tree. In the wild pine trees look nothing like farm grown Christmas trees. Just thinking about attempting the search with Goblin Child in tow was more than we could handle.

So we bought one. It is beautiful and perfectly shaped and  spray painted green. Seriously? Why do they feel the need for that?

The Goblin Child refused to get out of the pick up and help choose the perfect one so we left her sitting inside where it was warm playing on her tablet while we braved the wind and cold, thirteen degrees, to try to figure out the prices.

While she napped that afternoon we put up the tree and brought down Christmas decorations. When she awoke it was time for her to help decorate the tree. She loved it. Happily attempting to name the color of every ornament, usually green colors are so hard, she then matched them with a light bulb of the corresponding color. I was so busy trying to get the decorations out of their packaging fast enough to keep up with her that it took me awhile to notice her collection of bulbs. Apparently that was the perfect spot to hang them.

Sorry about the sideways video. I know there is a certain way the camera has to be facing for it to take upright videos. I never can remember what way that is.