23 December 2014

A Thing for Bing

Every year I seem to get off on a different Christmas music kick. Not that I don’t still love the ones from before, I just find that another has taken the place as a favorite. This year it seems to be Bing, Crosby. If I were to have a celebrity crush it would be him. He’s so dashing, so debonair, kind of reminds me of my husband. The Goblin Child appears to share my affections. We got her hooked with The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad back around Halloween. She happily sings “Ba ba baboom”. Sometimes even when she recognizes his music.

We have finished watching Holliday Inn ( I always thought the Happy Holidays song was one of the early attempts at political correctness.Who knew that they were really talking about all the hollidays) and will be seeing White Christmas some time soon. Maybe today with our little blizzard going outside. We will definitely be enjoying a white Christmas.

My Favorite, at the moment, is I’ll be Home for Christmas. We started the Christmas movie watching season with Joyeux Noel. One of the best and saddest Christmas movies ever.


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