31 January 2022

The Fort

The kids spent their weekend, as much as they could of it, building another fort with their cousins. It occurs to me that they do this fairly often. I can think of two or three other forts they’ve labored over, then abandoned. Apparently building a fort is more fun than playing in a fort. I understand that.

We are not supposed to know about this one. Luckily our kids, especially 8, are really bad at not telling us things. He is catching a bit of heck for it, but we are doing our best to encourage it. It’s good that they aren’t as skilled at keeping secrets from us as their cousins appear to be. We hear C and A told us not to tell, but… Β  a lot. We are sworn not to tell their mom where the fort is and pretend not to know. Mostly I’m glad they’re having fun.

I went to check it out today after feeding cows. I wont tell them I’ve been there. The swing scares me half to death. Tomorrow when I feed I’ll take along another, better, hook to secure it with. Their ingenuity and the effort they’ve put in here is amazing. It’s a perfect place for a fort. I hope they stick with this one.

25 January 2022

King Of The Hill

It’s the kids job to go feed horses on weekends or if it’s warm enough, and light enough, after school. They fight it and complain a lot but do a descent job. I go out an help them sometimes. It’s fun to watch how they divide up the work and go about getting it done.

Last time I went a long I had to help The Goblin Child onto the hay bale. Then down again. It was a long ways up there. 8 stopped to pet HIS mare. He claims her now, until his sister decides she wants to ride for once and fights him for Lady.

Then we stopped to play on the rock pile. King of the hill is fun. Until it isn’t. Somehow they are still surprised when it ends in tears.


25 January 2022

Exploring The Sheep Barn

While my poor cow hating husband and I rearranged the sheep barn to better fit cattle the children climbed around and explored. My favorite thing for them to do. They had fun, even if the fun was punctuated by requests to please be allowed back inside.

As we looked for ways to better allow cattle to find shelter, calving is coming up quickly, they studied dead mummified raccoons? Whatever they are, they’re fascinating. They climbed the ladder to the loft, but weren’t quite brave enough to go all the way up. The took my phone and used it for light and to share findings with the one waiting below or outside. Not quite brave enough to go in.