25 December 2014

Merry Christmas!

DSC02724We have been enjoying a long and snowy Christmas here. So much to say about it, I think it would be easier to tell with pictures.





On Christmas eve the guys started clearing snow. Before that the wind was blowing to hard to be worth trying, things blow shut so fast.

That evening we headed east to a beautiful old country church for the Christmas eve service. My father-in-law and his family attended this church when he was a boy. That wasn’t enough of a draw to convince the in-laws to come with though so we enjoyed it with just us. I had never been in the church before, it is quite beautiful. Lots of intricate wood work and tin ceilings. The pews were packed and we knew almost everybody. The Goblin Child’s favorite playmate was in the children’s program and we had fun laughing at his very good behavior. After the service the two of them had fun running up and down the aisle, playing the piano and hiding in the pulpit. We will never be allowed to come back. As the service began I received a text from my brother with a picture of the gorgeous and completely different service they were attending. It is amazing how opposite the two were while still both being so great.

Christmas morn we slept late and ate a leisurely breakfast before opening presents. Probably the last time we will ever be able to do that.

And some more sledding cause who can ever have enough. We made a date last night with Whitten to go sledding together today if the weather was nice. It’s not. We are getting MORE snow. Guess this will have to do for now.

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  1. By justin on

    that look so happy in the snow wish we had snow here glad you got to go to a xmas play hop to see you next xmas

  2. By justin on

    loved it! Espesially like when you put up videos. But my very favorite thing is going to church together, separately!

  3. By justin on

    oh by the way I am not Justin and his email address is being published!


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