5 March 2013

In Hindsight

Normal eating conditions
Normal eating conditions

We grow the most beautiful purple carrots. We have very nice orange ones to, but there’s just something about the purple carrots. They are dark, brilliantly jewel toned. We dug some of both colors the other day. They are storing nicely in the ground of the green house. I added some to the stew and decided to try making baby food with the others.

It seemed like such a good idea.

Think how pretty purple baby food would be. I could make two batches. The other could be boring orange. So I chopped and boiled the purple carrots until they were soft and pureed them. As my hand began to turn purple I remembered how badly they stained. This baby food so purple it is near black suddenly didn’t seem like a very good thing. I began to thinkΒ  of how she eats with food smeared from top to bottom, covering clothes, hair even eyeballs. I imagined a purple baby.

I finished the baby food anyway. I’m no quitter. A purple baby wouldn’t be all bad, it’s a pretty color.

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  1. By tellingson on

    oh. my. Just dont leave her any where cold cause you wont know if she\’s turning purple from the cold or the carrots. Glad to see the pictures of the \’slime baby\’ strange how she is just so cute, even when covered in slime


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