3 March 2013

First Ride

2013-03-03 14.40.30The long awaited day has finally arrived! After waiting patiently all winter we received a nice warm spring day and the Small Goblin Child got her first pony ride.

I was saddling good old Coyote for one of those rare and treasured times when the stars align and I manage to squeeze in a ride. As preparations were nearing completion her father stepped out the door with her to show her the horses and enjoy some of the beautiful weather. I saw my chance and had him hand her up. We took a brief stroll about the yard.

I don’t know that she loved it but she didn’t cry. She seemed rather happy. It was a little harder than I had imagined it would be to carry her. Instead of sitting nicely in front of me in the saddle she kept sliding deeper into a hole I had not known existed. The room between my stomach and the horn also seemed to have gotten less. I hope we can get it worked out I have great plans for the two of us to go ridding this summer.


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