9 February 2014

A Tale of Two Churches

Guest post by Tammie:

One church, started in the eighteen hundreds, by young men and women believers, waiting for the return of Christ. Teaching from the bible, spreading the word of God across the world. One of their founders spoke often of how God spoke straight to her in visions.

The other church, started in the nineteen seventies, by young men and women believers, waiting for the return of Christ. Teaching from the bible, spreading the word of God across the world. One of their founders speaks often of how God speaks to him, how we should all listen for the small, still voice of God.

Both churches grew over the years. One to become a denomination with small churches and ministries scattered over the nation, and further. They strongly uphold the health laws of the bible, they know the body is the temple of the Lord. They are strict in how they obey the lord. No loud music, no frivolity, no casual clothing, no tattoos or body piercings. They feel strongly against overly large churches who play loud music and might be more open in their beliefs.

The other turned into a mega church. They have several smaller satellite churches around their large city, their leader shares his teachings around the nation and world, helping smaller churches use his successful methods to bring new members in. They know the body is the temple of the lord. They urge all to care for their body, as God does. They are not strict, but know if you love the lord, you will do as he asks. Their music is loud. Sometimes they laugh, dress is casual, and there are quite a few young people with tattoos and body piercings. They feel some need stricter guidelines from God, but God gives us much freedom within his love.

One day, a preacher at one of the churches, told of attending a pot luck lunch. He was visiting and so a deaconess helped direct him to the food. “Avoid that dish, if you would, as it contains cheese” she advised him. She spoke loudly and every one heard. He would have known something was not right with that dish anyway, as everyone in the vegan church were carefully passing it by. Said preacher did notice a lady standing off to the side, alone, wiping away tears.

Sadly, a new convert who did not know it was wrong to eat cheese.

At this point all who heard might have been wondering what the preacher would do? I will leave it up to each of us to decide what the right thing would have been. The preacher carefully passed up the plate, along with the deaconess and all the others, much to the embarrassment of the new convert. We are told the churches actual pastor and his wife later taught the woman the “right” way to eat there by giving the story a happy ending.

One day a preacher at the other church gave a sermon on our body being the temple of the lord. How God looked at it after creating it and said it was very good. The preacher said to not cut it, or stress it unduly. To fill it with  good foods and not let it become overweight or unfit. If it was not cared for properly, it would not be up to the task of sharing Gods word. The preacher ended by asking his congregation “now after hearing this, what do you think is the one thing I would want for you? To be thin and healthy? No, that every day you read the  bible!”

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