10 February 2014

Speaking of Seeds

My brother keeps asking what we plant as he tries to figure out what he wants to try. He planted his first garden last year and was almost as excited about it as I was. This year we will be planting:2013-04-04 09.51.15

Beans: Cosmos, Dragon Tongue, Provider, Top Crop

Cabbage: Gonzoles, Super Red 80

Cantaloupe: Honey Orange, Honey White, Lambkin, Sarah’s Choice, Savor, Serenada F1

Carrot: Deep Purple, Mokum, Nelson, Romance, Sugarsnax

Corn: Mirai, Vision, Xtra-Tender 277A, Xtra Tender 3473, Wilda’s Pride (Ornamental)

Cucumber: Sweet Success, Sweeter Yet

Kohlrabi: Kolibri, Korriodor, Winner

Lettuce: Black Seeded Simpson, Butter Crunch, Five Star Greenhouse, Flashy Trout Back, Green Star

Okra: Carmine Splendor, Chant, Clemson Spinless

Onion: Undecided will see whats available in the greenhouses at the time, probably a red, sweet white, white and a shallot

Peas: Green Arrow, Premium, Sugar Heart, Super Sugar Snap, Wando

Peppers: Cayenne Purple, Garden Salsa, Goliath Griller, Highlander, Purple Bell, Purple Jalapeno, Orange Blaze, Sweet Goliath, Yummy(favorite)

Potatoes: Masquerade, Red Norkotah, Viking, Yukon Gold. Not purchased yet but this is the usual

Radish: Cherry Bell, Crunchy Royale, Ping Pong

Spinach: Emu, Pigeon, Red Kitten, Space

Sun Flower: Royal Hybrid 1121. I actually got these harvested last fall and roasted for seeds, good.

Swiss Chard: Prima Rosa

Tomato: Black Krim, Fresh Salsa, Gourmet Heirloom Blend, Heirloom Cherry Blend, Jetstar F1, Roma vf, Solar FireHybrid VFFFSt, Speckled Roman, SuperSauce Hybrid (huge!), Sweet Tangerine

Watermelon: Crimson Sweet, Million Bucks Hybrid, Orange Tendersweet, Sweet Favorite, Tom Watson

Zucchini: Greyzini, Gadzukes

It seems like a ridicules amount when written out. It seems excessive when planting and harvesting, but when sitting inside in the winter looking at seed catalogs they all look so good. If we didn’t practice great restraint the list would be much longer.


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  1. By tellingson on

    don\’t you love the names? I always wanted the job of naming paint colors, but seeds would work!

  2. By Neversummer on

    I want to grow Kiss me Over the Garden Gate and Love Lies Bleeding. The names are great.

    1. By tellingson on

      I grew Love lLies Bleeding back in Omaha, because of the name. It was a big and unruly plant. Not what I had hoped for, but I guess it kind of fits the name.


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