8 February 2014

It’s That Time of Year Again

Just when winter is at it’s darkest we are offered a reprieve. The seed catalogs have been pouring in since Christmas, we sat down a couple of weeks ago and chose the seeds we were out of, and the new ones that sounded fun. Now it is time to get those seeds ordered and get them started. There’s just one problem.

Last year I decided I wanted to start some flowers too. They worked beautifully, I had huge baskets all summer. We didn’t have enough room to start them all though. My dedicated gardener husband jerry rigged enough lights and we staggered the starting dates so everything worked but it was not pretty. This year he decided to build a real honest to goodness seedling starter stand, we aren’t really sure what to call it.

Sure he could have ordered one ready made but what fun would that be? Not to mention expensive. Our favorite garden catalog, Johnny’s, carries them.

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