20 February 2014

Play Date

This is a whole new world for me. A good one, like taking a horse to a show, having a friend over or going to a friends house points out holes in your training. Last week we went to visit a friend at their house this week they came to ours.

The Goblin Child is our little social butterfly. She loves to see people and play with other peoples toys. When it came to someone else playing with her toys it wasn’t quite as fun. Having another child in HER house came as a bit of a shock. Then to top it off he wanted to touch HER toys. The other mother is so good about making sure her child is well behaved, she makes sure he shares and doesn’t take toys away from guests. That is amazingly hard to live up to.

I always thought my little Goblin was well behaved. I have learned otherwise.

All in all we both enjoy the visits, I can only hope the other participants do too. If I have discovered that I am not as good a trainer as I thought then that gives me something to work on. Hopefully with time the two children will start playing together in stead of

It's good for her to play with someone other than her puppy
It’s good for her to play with someone other than her puppy

separately in the same room. They are cute to watch in their separate togetherness. He is a big boy who talks, a lot, and is very sweet and cheery. The Goblin Child is tiny and overly energetic, she doesn’t talk but knows lots of animal sounds. Maybe he will teach her to talk the way her cousin taught her to walk.


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  1. By tellingson on

    we all come programed for selfishness. I am sure you will have her trained to share in no time! But why would she need anyone other then her puppy, kitty, chickens, horses, cows, and whatever else is in her menagerie!


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