21 February 2014

Planting Petunias

And everything else.

We started the first batch of seeds inside today. I planted petunias ,Wild, Vineing, Burpee’s Best Mix and some random petunia seeds I picked from one of the pots in the yard.

My gardener husband planted more practical things. Four types of tomatoes, Jetstar, Solar Fire, Super Sauce and Sweet Tangerine. And a very impressive eight peppers, Garden Salsa, Goliath Griller, Highlander, Purple Jalapeno, Sweet Goliath, Yummy, Golden Treasure and Orange Blaze. The last two were extras because the seeds were there and we had some extra space to fill. The others will go in the green house. Later in the year we will plant the plants to go in the outside garden.

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  1. By tellingson on

    I bet the flowers will be beautiful, AND I can\’t wait to have some tomatoes and peppers!


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