Oh My, Aren’t You Getting Old!

From all of us!

From all of us!

It amazes me that at forty one you have children turning four and one. Wow deep.

I am thoroughly enjoying watching you follow your latest interest, watching the twists and turns your brilliant mind makes as you figure out a complex subject. Hope you enjoy it and go on to supply the area with GPS for their tractors. Hopefully you have bought yourself a little (big) birthday present by now?

You are a great father and, rather than be jealous, I am thrilled when the children run to you wanting their Lala. I love the way they take after you, 8 in his fascination for tractors and four wheelers and almost anything with moving parts and The Goblin Child in her skill with her computer and desire to watch you and emulate all that you do.

Spring is nearly here, soon, as soon as you can find time, you, with lots of “help” I’m sure, will be starting the seeds for your garden. More cold will come but for now we have warm weather and before too long the calves will be gone! Life is good, and we are lucky to share it with you.

Love you and Happy Birthday!

And maybe, we should get a couple of pictures of us once in a while?

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