We spend lots of time shopping there, not because we want to necessarily, but they are almost the only store in town and fairly cheap. Certainly not because we like them. Although people watching can be “interesting” there to say the least. But I don’t usually have a problem with them other than the typical driving out small local business complaint.

I received a text from my mother the other day that changed that.

Picture0212161536_1It’s pretty blurry, I didn’t see what it was about at first. But then she pointed it out, there on the second shelf down on the left in green. It is The Bible under romance and fiction. This isn’t at our local store, around here, I think, people would still have a fit at such a thing. I realize it isn’t a company run by anyone with any particular religious affiliations. Although old Sam Walton was active in the Bentonville Church of Christ it seems he was nudged to any charitable or religious action by his wife, and that they only gave a very small amount to charities when he was around.

But they do sell a good number of faith based books. Enough to compete with christian book stores. And here they are with the Bible filed as fiction. The romance part I don’t have a problem with, it is the greatest love story ever told. While there is plenty of good biblical fiction available that is a completely different matter.

What would the reaction be if any other religion was treated like this? Can you imagine the uproar and cries of discrimination? While I really don’t expect any better of Walmart I do hope this was of a single employee thinking they were making a grand statement, not company policy. I think we will try to keep even more of our business at our little local store.

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