Visiting the Ponies

We went for a walk today to jump in the muddy puddles and because it was too nice for children not to be outdoors. We stopped to see tho ponies while we were out. And crawled into the bale feeder, because what else would we do?

I loved the way the horses paired off with their respective people for the most part. The Goblin Child with Princess Onna and 8 with Coyote. Yes I am well aware that Coyote is mine, I love the rotten old man dearly and hope he lives to forty. But I am also thinking that maybe, if things go according to plan, which they never do, that he can be 8’s pony. Yes he’s hot, head strong, and on and on but he’s also trust worthy and dependable and the best pony in the world. Who says kids horses have to be quiet?

And did I pair off with Rusty? I don’t know. I like the little guy. Enough to keep? I still haven’t decided.

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