9 December 2013

It’s a God Thing, By Tammie

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Enjoying our visit, The Goblin Child loved seeing her grandmas

I was fortunate to have my mom and grandmother come out for a visit last fall. It was great to see them both but mom had this little bit of excitement on the way home. Here is her telling of it:


Zipping down the interstate through the russet and gold Missouri hills, doing about 80, the speed limit there is much higher, and passing the semis which go slower and slower up those big hills. Suddenly there was a loud continuous  noise. I was not sure what it was, the semi I was passing? Instantly took my foot off the gas, semi passed but the noise stayed. It was the Subaru.


Pulled to the right and, right there, there was an exit. Went up it wondering what was wrong. Wasn’t the engine, cause the car would go, but something very bad.


Found myself on a short country road that came to a t  at a large parking lot with a big old building housing a beauty shop. It seemed pretty quiet right then, no one around. Stopped as soon as I hit the lot and jumped out, phone in hand, calling Monte (husband). Saw immediately the rear tire had blown out.  I made a frantic lap around the car wondering how, and where, and what exactly I was going to do. As I got back around to the blown out tire, I glanced up and saw a man standing at the front of the Subaru. Was kind of surprised to see him, hadn’t noticed him before. But I was pretty caught up in what was happening and telling Monte. The man said he thought I might need some help, so I hung up and and asked him how he had known. He said he saw me looking at the car and could tell some thing was wrong, had daughters who he would not want to see left with out help beside the road and came over. Turns out he had been walking down the road collecting cans. 


This man was certainly doing the job of an angel  that day! He stood by while I unloaded nearly three weeks of vacation out of the back to get to the spare. He spent a very long time helping to find the many pieces for the jack. I should say at this time, there would have been no way I could have done this with out him! He changed the tire, put all the jack pieces back where he found them, told me where a gas station with air was and then walked there (not very far,just around the corner) and, borrowing my reading glasses to read the amount needed checked all my tires and filled the donut.


That in itself is enough of a God thing, but then Monte found a dealer who had the tire I needed just off the interstate in Saint Louis! Not hard to get to and only an hour on down the road.


God is good!

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