10 December 2013



We bought LE

a pony

his name is OD.

She said “Yippee!”

“Is he for me?”

I said “Yes siree.”

From then on LE

loved OD

they ran free

across the prairie

as far as we could see.

If you look behind you will see Daisy

following along loyally.

We let them be

because we knew that OD

would take good care of LE.

If only Coyotee

liked OD

we could all be happy

but I’m afraid it is not to be.

(He’s only here on trial technically

but we are rather fond of little OD

if only because he rhymes so whimsically)

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  1. By tellingson on

    hummm, seems like some one stole my idea. Isn\’t there a name for that?
    Oh well, I like what you write better any way! Too bad you have such a grouchy pony!
    surely he will adjust. And just how long a trial period do you get?

    1. By Neversummer on

      Hey, I thought it was our idea?! We could write children\’s books, you will of course need to illustrate them.
      I don\’t know how long our trial is supposed to be. She mostly seemed to want to get rid of him. I have only actually ridden him two, maybe three times since we picked him up on black Friday. The real trial will be to see if he bucks me off when it finally warms up enough to ride again.


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