Computer Renovation

My husband is a computer genius, in my opinion at least. He is a geek, geek is the new cool you know. His home computer is his baby all hopped up for gaming and such. He built it five years ago and since that is ancient in computer years he decided that it needed a rebuild this winter. He spent what little spare time he has pouring over computer component web sights trying to find the perfect combination of price verses performance. He’s as bad as I am when looking for horses.

His old computer had a floppy drive, not that he used it but the mother board had a plug in for one so he felt the need to install one, just ’cause. It was a good machine, it withstood a lightning hit that killed one of the two ethernet ports. He spent many an hour playing World of Warcraft and Lotro with the old girl before he developed a family that demanded all of his time. The much loved all aluminum case is not going anywhere, it is light weight, good for heat transfer and quite stylish.

This miserable and cold winter day with temps reaching a high of near zero was the perfect day to tackle the project. So spreading pieces across a card table he started to work while the child napped.

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