5 February 2013

A Good Week for Horses

And it’s still early. So far this week, all two days of it, I got to move calves on Coyote and I worked Nevel! Life is good.

Some of the calves in the feed lot were off to the sale barn. So bare back in a, well in a bridle for once he gets a little excited working cattle, we helped bring them in. He works so nice in the alleyways and his encouraging nips are better than any hot shot.

Today during nap time I snuck out with my faithful baby monitor in hand. To many times this winter I have thought about working Nevel but decided it would be a wasted effort. I kept telling myself that I would get him worked once and then he would sit for a month or two. If I had just messed with him every time I thought that he would have been worked about once a week.

Today, in forty degree weather, I brought him in. We went through the basic paces. picked up his feet and banged on them. I’m not pregnant any more, I’m going to start trimming my horses feet again dang it, and I want them to be well behaved. Sacked him out a little, asked him to move his feet and step away from pressure he was great. He acted as though I had worked him yesterday instead of, wow when was that, I hope some time since July.

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  1. By tellingson on

    He sure is pretty Megan. Seems like there are quite a few morgans left ungelded because they dont do any thing bad. If there wasnt ,there would be no Onna. Whats the rush,you can always geld, but you cant fix, fixed


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