7 February 2013

Still Ordering Garden Seeds

imagesI said I was cutting back on pumpkins this year and while that may be technically true I also ordered a gourd and a different squash, grey surprisingly. I was going to say that instead of unusual pumpkins I decided to try growing my own flowers but I guess I have to say as well as.

I thought it would save money this year if we started our own Petunias and the like instead of buying started plants, I’m staying home with the Goblin and saving money is a priority. I was flipping through the catalogs totally baffled by the selection of beautiful magenta colored Wave Petunias, so I called my mom. While I suppose that’s what most daughters might do I had better reason. As a professional plant waterer she added to her credentials by working in a green house a couple of summers ago, besides she’s my mom she knows every thing. The conversation was quickly side tracked by good smelling heirloom petunias.

We both sat at our respective computers as we talked googleing flowers. We found many reminiscent of her child hood, years and years ago, that were scented unlike modern varieties and reseeded themselves. I was sold. The descriptions were quaint and sounded charming. I was enchanted by promises of “heavenly clouds of fragrant flowers”. Another had seeds from a plant found growing in an abandoned farmstead. One particularly frilly variety was only available from a supplier in England.They all quote adds from catalogs published in the eighteen hundreds.

I ordered a sweet pea because it has been sold commercially since 1724. I have a hard time imagining that, I don’t know why. Selling flowers isn’t a new thing. I found (but didn’t buy) violets that were sold as a promising cash crop at a time when they were fashionable to wear in a button hole.

I also indulged my self with some Johnny Jump Up’s, other wise known as Violas. They promise that this cheery, fully edible flower will become semi invasive filling my flower beds with it’s colorful blooms.

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  1. By tellingson on

    this is a very nice entry. I am not sure if I am flattered, or insulted. Cant wait to see how your beautiful choices do. Once I bought seeds just because the plant was named \”love lies bleeding\” how could you pass that up?


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