30 January 2013

An Afternoon With Ava

The Goblin Child has gotten to spend most of the day today with two of her cousins. One more than both but she really enjoys it either way. I tried to get Ava to write something for me but she refused and then we ran out of time. Maybe tomorrow.


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  1. By tellingson on

    loved these pictures! did anyone ever give the goblin child a cookie?
    also like the fact that the pictures now have captions under them and can go from one to the other without having to back track with every one!

  2. By tellingson on

    I was here looking at my favorite pictures again, when I noticed something upsetting!
    Oh no. don\’t forget to close the drawers in the dresser! Not just cause this is something that drives me crazy, (although that is the main reason I noticed) but because I have heard of children climbing up them and causing the dresser to fall over on them. In Chicago there have been several children killed because they climbed up and turned over a t.v. that was sitting on top.


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