23 June 2021


This will forever be remembered as the year we all learned, or relearned, how to ride our bicycles.

First The Goblin Child hopped on and went all by herself as soon as she made up her mind to ride and did it all in one day.

Now 8 has done the same.

He spent a couple of days with feet stuck out to the side coasting down the hills. Then he started pedaling and was off.

With everyone else riding and wanting us to come along my multi faceted husband got his bike down from storage and rode along with them. The bike is a left over from many years ago before every last drop of his spare time was taken up by the children and I. When he is working, which is usually, I hop on his bike. I’ve been enjoying, kind of, my rides on the ‘snorty sorrel’. It’s bright red coat gleaming in the sun light. As usual after so long without riding my legs ache after just a short time.

We are trying to keep up daily rides to the mail box and back, a mile round trip. There is a hill in the middle. I can barely make it. The kids are better at it. We all spend a good bit of time walking. Hopefully by the end of summer we will be zipping clear to the highway and back without dying.

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