10 December 2015

Insane Cowgirl

The weather has been beautiful this week in the fifties and sixties. We have been doing our best to take advantage of it. Yesterday The Goblin Child and I were able to sneak out for a little ride. I decided we would try the pasture, take a look at the cows and see how Princes Onna reacted to them.

The two hot horses were feeling good. They zipped and pranced and were happy to oblige The Goblin Child in her desire to go faster and bounce bounce. She was feeling good too. She kept helping steer. Did a little too good a job at it. I would be concentrating on steering and staying on and watching where we were going, the usual things you do when you ride, and suddenly our riding companions would veer off another direction. I hated to discourage her, she was doing an excellent job.

But when we got to the gate in the electric fence and I had to get off to get it, rather exciting with the latch in the corner, flapping twine and an electric fence, she kept whoaing and steering away from my mounting block. I finally had to ask her to stop steering for a bit.

Back on we chased cows! I remember being a couple of years older than her and having a cow in my horses pasture. I was determined to chase it. It was as big as my horse who may have been just a little smaller than Onna, or not perspective tends to change. We stared at each other in a fierce stare down that we lost, the cow stayed put my pony and I left. The Goblin Child and Onna had better luck. She was thrilled. We followed one cow after another Coyote in ferocious cow eating mode ears flat against his head. Onna in the lead determined to get that cow. And The Goblin Child giggling and steering away. I thought we were going to die. My halter and lead rope were little match for hot cow eating Coyote. We were zipping pretty fast, at a walk, but these two at a walk are only out done by Smoke and speedy gaited horses.

After they were way overly energetic on the way home so I though we would torture them so getting home wasn’t so fun. I devised the worst thing I could imagine. I turned The Goblin Child loose with her Grammy’s Christmas present. Grooming supplies! She sprayed Cowboy Magic like crazy and brushed and braided. It would have killed me.

We survived the last ride unscathed and so decided to do it again today. This time I would be prepared, I put a saddle and bridle and little Coyote, talk about over kill, and strapped 8 on front of me. It was exciting, for me and 8 at least, The Goblin Child wanted to go home once I told her we couldn’t go chase cows with 8 along. But I thought it was a nice ride anyway if not near as exciting.

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  1. By justin on

    Sounds so fun I have loved the worm weather to sabbath has not liket riding horses after we fell off I nearly broke my back he landed jently on me but scary enough


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