Over Achiever

It was less than a month ago that he laid there on the floor, a squirmy little ball of baby. Now things have changed. He was able to sit by himself, had been able to since August, but he couldn’t achieve that position by himself. Now I think there is little he is unable to accomplish.

He took his first steps shortly before we left for our Thanksgiving trip. Standing next to me, holding my hand as I put laundry away in his sisters room, he desperately wanted whatever it was that she had. So he let go of me and walked over to her. Across a hard wood floor. He didn’t crash.

He had been crawling, kind of, before that. He would lay on the floor and wiggle and scream for someone to come put him where he wanted to be. Those few steps seemed to be a major breakthrough for him and after that he was unstoppable.

He started crawling for reals. He figured out how to get up, down and around without help. And now he has the stairs mastered.




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