6 August 2015


I knew they’d been eating the chickens corn. The signs were obvious. As the corn got lower in the bucket I waited for the day it was too far down for our mouse to climb back out. I was a bit surprising to find five mice inside.

I wasn’t sure what to do with them. The Goblin Child was staring at them fascinated. I could not set them free, we are over run with the little pests. Usually I would call Daisy to take care of the problem for me but how could I with a small child cooing over them?

As usual my small Goblin Child surprised me. She watched them for awhile then declared that we needed to call Daisy. She will grow up knowing the facts of life. We have watched calves born and suckled and died, gardens grown and eaten and she knows how to take care of a mouse problem.


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  1. By Stephanie on

    What a smart girl!! Aren\’t you glad she didn\’t want five new pets!?


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