12 August 2015

Hot Days

There are so many things I mean to write about and never get around to.

Like the fire in a wheat field a couple of miles from us. We saw the black smoke billowing up and, since no one would be purposely burning on such a hot windy day, had to go check it out. They have some cattle on pasture over that general direction and as we explained to The Goblin Child we had to make sure it wasn’t burning their feet. It wasn’t.

A neighbor had caught their wheat on fire while combining. The fire department was already there and had it out. Much of their wheat was burnt but the green fields and bare dirt, I know better than to call them plowed fields but what is the proper terminology here? farming is beyond me, along the sides had allowed it to be contained before anymore damage was done.

Very astute readers may recognize the trees on the hill in the back ground and the section line along side from this post, years ago.

But what I meant say before I got distracted was…

It was hot today. Far hotter than what I thought had been predicted. The children, one in particular needed exercised though so we went out anyway. I turned the sprinkler on so it was just hitting the swing set and we swang. Then noticing that the pivot was close we walked out and played in it. It was heavenly. And cooled us off enough for the long walk back home.

Now that it’s turned hot and dry it has done so with a vengeance. All the moisture earlier in the year created lots of fuel and the air tonight was heavy with the scent of smoke.

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  1. By tellingson on

    ahh, these two little ones, so cute. I miss them all the time! Glad the fire didn\’t burn any feet!


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