12 June 2015

We survived!

I nearly had a panic attack for the whole week leading up to it but in the end it wasn’t so bad. I didn’t have to stand up and talk in front of anyone, there were no serious injuries and no parents yelled at us for getting their kids so dirty. I’m glad someone wants to teach, it’s not something I would ever want to do. Especially not while sick and with two small children at home who don’t believe in sleeping.

In the end it worked because of the great help. I hate to even call them help because they did it all. They were old pros at this whole thing while I followed along lost and confused. Sandy watched 8 most of the time and rocked both babies to sleep as well as helping with the big kids. Jessie was a cheerful ball of endless energy. Always happy to play with the kids and even clean. Heather managed to get up at the crack of dawn and get two kids dressed and out the door before their usual time to even get out of bed, I suppose I should also thank her husband for helping with that. She, and Jessie, came up with great ideas to keep the kids occupied. Even some foolish ideas such as tag when she was the only adult playing, apparently the adult gets to be “it”every time. It’s good exercise at least. And last but not least my poor beleaguered husband whose office got used for naps and was nearly put to sleep himself having to listen to lullaby’s in a darkened room after being up all night with kids.

Would I do it again? Maybe, if everybody would come back and help again. Would they ask me to again? Well that’s hard to say.

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  1. By tellingson on

    I love all the pictures. You and your team sure did a good job. I am really amazed at all you and your friends accomplish, while still watching the babies!

  2. By Stephanie on

    Tha looks like so much fun! You did a good job!!


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