14 June 2015

A Day in The Life of The Goblin Child

or, Finally planting corn!

or Why I don’t care if my children watch TV

Sometimes it’s hard to decide on a title.

It says I started to write this June 3rd. At that time they had just got the corn planted, the latest my very old husband ever remembers planting corn. It snowed or poured rain up till then and just finally dried out enough. They were still planting in mud. We have neighbors who are still working at it. Most people who haven’t finished have given up, taken the insurance money and planted something else.

We had fun helping the very little bit that we did. It was fun to see the great big new planter finally working and to help load the seed but mostly to play on the trailer. They raced the whole time to beat the rain.

I have since then been noticing how active my child is and read a couple of interesting articles. One said that the average toddler gets forty five minutes of exercise a day. I had to laugh at that one, we get way more than that on the coldest most miserable winter days on nice days it doesn’t seem like we ever sit down, well except for the constant feeding of 8 but even that doesn’t seem like enough.

The other was this article about how to teach a child to hate reading, it talked about how restricting TV time to force them to read is teaching them that TV is candy and makes them want more. I was horrified and offended when the author of another blog I like to read said that her little girl knew the names of different birds and liked to spot the moon and a long list of things I can’t remember and all of this because she didn’t watch TV and most certainly did not would not have a tablet. All I could think was yeah well my kid can do all those things and knows how to work her tablet by herself. Plus how does anyone clean house without TV for a distraction? I must be doing something wrong.

Anyway I have found it to be self regulating, we are not capable of sitting still long enough to watch “too much” TV we are busy doing these things:


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  1. By tellingson on

    love the videos and pictures. why would any body want to watch t.v. with so many fun things to do!

  2. By justin on

    there is no pic of the planter I think we almost never sit down as for tv we don\’t have tv or internet shur hope to see you some day


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