2 August 2014


It rained. During wheat harvest. The skies all around us were blue but overhead a little cloud dumped rain down, then a little hail but mostly lots of rain.

It was beautiful.

The child and I stood at the door watching the downpour. She stepped outside dipping a foot carefully into the stream of water running past. With a sound of dismay she headed back into the house. I stood to watch this rare and beauteous occurrence a moment longer than turned to follow. I met her coming back up the stairs towards me carrying, what else but her mud boots. She knew what she was supposed to wear to play in the rain. Throwing on my sandals quickly to keep up with her we headed out into the deluge.IMG_20140724_152452_209

Happily we ran and splashed in the temporary rivers that flowed down the drive way. The rain falling gently on our heads. The rain died off as did our rivers and sadly, reluctantly we headed back to the house.

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  1. By Stephanie on

    She is getting so big and so smart! Sabbath loves to play in puddles and temporary streams!

  2. By Justin on

    Wow your garden in the last blog is looking very healthy Sabbath would love to have played with elly in the water happy to see you writing always like to see what\’s going on

  3. By tellingson on

    I remember when you were little, when it rained we would go for walks around the block,p playing in the puddle, stomping and getting soaked. So much fun. Glad to see the tradition continued.


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