31 July 2014


Darling Daisy Dog
Darling Daisy Dog

First our poor darling beloved Daisy broke her leg. I let her come ride in the combine. I KNOW it’s a bad idea, those steps are dangerous for little dog legs. But she likes to. Too often I use that as an excuse to let all my little creatures, and not so little ones do things they shouldn’t. Daisy jumped off the top step and hung her right hind leg in the step grate.

After an after hours visit to the vet for a splint and pain pills she is doing well. She hobbles along quite well on three legs and with luck will be back to chasing coons and catching rabbits in no time.

The goat, not Jenny the new one, went to live out with the horses. One morning, a day or two after Daisy’s incident, She wasn’t standing upfront with the herd. The Goblin Child and I took the four wheeler and searched the pasture, we drove every fence line, searched the high weeds and even drove through the cows in case she had gone to visit them. Nothing. Giving up we headed out the gate only to look back and see the goat limping towards us from the direction we had just come.

Apparently a horse had stepped on the bulb of her heel. There is a scuff mark and some swelling to her right hind, something may be broken in there but not much that can be done in that location. We brought her up to live in the yard again so she has less walking to do until she heals up a little.

Driving in to town today I noticed an unusual noise coming from the car. I checked the dash and sure enough the low tire pressure light was on. I pulled over onto the side road instead of a friends driveway directly across the street because I was planning on finding a tire a little low, we would then finish driving to town and put some air in it.

The tire was completely flat. Left hind this time, right would have been to weird. The people from across the street stopped by to offer use of their air tank. If I wanted to drive the car clear over there on the rim. He however had a semi load of cattle on and couldn’t stick around any longer. It was okay, I had my gallant husband on the phone and he was on his way to the rescue.

The tire was ruined, but we got a temporary replacement and will soon be getting new and we made our doctors appointment on time. That was three, hopefully our string of bad hind leg luck is over.

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