Tonight was THE Night

Everybody said it would happen. We never thought it would be so soon.

Not so long ago another mother was warning me of the coming peril. I scoffed, thinking no not my child.

Last night shortly after being tucked reluctantly into bed by her doting father the Goblin Child began to wail. Her loving and patient father went to check on her as I worked on laundry. A while later he returned white faced and shaken, she had been waiting for him at her bedroom door.

As I laid her down for the nap she didn’t take that afternoon she had been trying to hook a leg over the side of the crib. That is why she wound up not taking a nap, I thought, hoped, that if she didn’t learn that she could crawl out in the midst of a tantrum that during normal sleep times she wouldn’t try.

So much for that.

Careful loving mother that I am I did move her thick rug along side the crib as padding “just in case”. Nothing was broken it must have helped.

Danger is her middle name.

Danger is her middle name.

The question now is what do we do? We have the side bar that will help keep her from falling out in her sleep while allowing her to crawl in and out as she pleases. We however are not ready to have her loose to roam the house as she pleases. The thought of it scares me to death. So does her recklessly flinging herself over the edge of the crib though.

It is so difficult to know what to do with the small rotten child.

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