13 April 2014

Planting Potatoes

What is the saying about potatoes and Easter? I know if I took the time to look back through here I could find it, but I’m too lazy.

We carefully checked the moon phase** and the time was right so we hurried to get them in the ground yesterday before the snow hit. I think mostly my gardener husband was getting impatient to get something going in the garden. My brother had started his potatoes the weekend before and some things can only wait so long.

The seeds we planted in the greenhouse last week are starting to come up. It won’t be too much longer and we will be feasting on spinach.

When the snow hit it hit with a vengeance. Not a lot of snow but a good wet snow breaking off what few branches were left on the trees. The ground was warm enough to melt most of it so we wound up wit a couple of inches of very icy snow and nasty wind howling across it. Most of the cows and calves huddled around the barns out of the wind so hopefully there weren’t any calves lost.

** I usually mock people who worry about something as silly as this but we started some seeds inside at a time when it said not to and instead of our usual hundred percent germination maybe half came up.

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  1. By tellingson on

    I guess there is a reason people come up with those sayings about when to plant seeds. The family is darling out there planting potatoes, but what will happen with the goat when the plants come up?

    1. By neversummer on

      I suppose we will have to find a way to contain Jenny for real. If not for the garden thing she is better than a dog any day. She waits outside the door for us and stays right at our heels for walks.


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