12 April 2014

Early Birthday Present, From the Greatest Grandma

She got the same thing for all of her great grand children. The same exact thing and yet the variations in her gift are fascinating to me. Ours is brand spanking new, straight out of the box. My brothers is used, needing some reworking and our cousin, well I don’t have any idea what hers is going to be, but I understand she is taking an entirely different road.

Grandma got them all swing sets. Or more accurately the means to buy them swing sets and we chose the set.

The choices were over whelming. We looked online at all the options, and there were many. Our original wish was to build one. It could be a great one, tall and sturdy to last forever. Then reality set in, it is spring my farmer husband is at work or in the field or working on equipmentΒ  or in the garden. There is no time for building. Back to the internets. We chose a Flexible flier with all the add-ons, a glider, a bench swing and of course plain old swing swings.

We picked it up and got it put together Friday. All the parts were there and we were able to figure out instructions, it was up and going in three or four hours.

My brothers swing set
My brothers swing set

My brother found one of the big fancy wood sets that needed tore down and hauled. It needs some new parts and refinished. I am sure Sabbath will love it.

It is my understanding that our cousin wants a tree house and tire swing instead of a swing set. I am sure it will be just as cool.

So, to the greatest of the grandmas, thank you!

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  1. By justin on

    love the pictures it was such a good present thanks grandma Sabbath as elly helpt with what he could hope the kids can have meny years of enjoyment I no I already am getting it home was an adventure as it was 12 feet tall and 14 foot from bumper to the back with Chicago traffic

  2. By tellingson on

    The greatest grandma truly is the greatest! Love both swing sets and know the kids and all their friends and cousins will have years of fun with them.


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