29 January 2014

If I Win the Lottery

I will very rarely buy a ticket even but it is a lot of fun to think what I would do with the money if I did. Especially when my mom keeps sending me adds for horses she thinks I should get. It wouldn’t be so bad if she didn’t know my taste in horses so well. So apparently if I had tons of money I would hoard horses big time. My ever helpful husband pointed out that I would never get them all ridden any way.

That would not be a problem. I would of course install a great trainer at my huge indoor arena and have all the assorted riffraff I collected in reining and cow horse training. It might be a little difficult to find a really good trainer who was willing to work with a breed besides the “usual” much less assorted riffraff. I remember how horrified the big trainer guys were, when talking to them at shows, that one in their midst was training a Morgan. Not me for once, they were discussing Monty Bruce I believe, riding the beautiful Rebels R We . I would find one though and my odd ball herd would travel the country making a good name for themselves. We would also make the Morgan Grand Nationals with the herd members of the proper bred.

To start my herd I would get this pretty little girl. She looks exactly like my old gelding Nate. May have to follow the link I could not get her picture to copy or the video to work


Look at the legs on this boy. It’s like draft horse legs on a pony body I love him.


This one doesn’t appeal to me quite as much but maybe in person he’s prettier than his herd mate.


This is my dream horse. If I had time and money and a live in nanny, which I will of course be getting with my lottery money. Or not, looking for his picture I see that there is a sale pending. Lucky people, hope they enjoy him.



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  1. By Justin ellingson on

    tuff the horse in the middle is the best the one on the bottom is the worst I think I like how hi his he\’d is

    1. By Neversummer on

      I like the horse on the bottom best, I think he would be a fun little cutting/reining horse. Midas was my second choice, too thick maybe to be quick enough for cutting, or he could be awesome I\’d like to try him, but he looks sturdy enough to be a great working type horse. Look at those beautiful legs, bet he could go all day across a pasture and still be sound at thirty. I\’ll buy Tuff for you he has beautiful legs too.

  2. By tellingson on

    why you can\’t just do as I say, and see if you can get the gaited morgan, I do not know!
    I hate to yell at you on your own blog, but really! you can give back the little Ody, see if Jerry can go to the shoeing school, and just have two horses. The cost of buying isn\’t the real cost of a horse anyway. You should have the horse you want, cause I say so!

    1. By Neversummer on

      I am NOT getting the beautiful little gaited Morgan. He would make me want to train and show and all the fun things that I can not do right now, he is the last thing I need. When I am done with small children and maybe working again I will look for my perfect little project. Right now I need something old and quiet (odie) for my people, big and small. Unless of course you would like to move out here and babysit so I have time to train? If you will then I will.

  3. By tellingson on

    I will move out there and help train. We will have to have Justin and Stephanie come and babysit. Now stop opposing my will and git a horse that makes me happy!


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