6 June 2013

First Day at School

It slowly became apparent to me that I lacked the time and place to start riding Nevel. Once I accepted this sad realization I began looking for someone that I would be willing to have do it for me. I was not interested in letting him be “cowboyed”. I wanted someone gentle and knowledgeable in training, not someone who would buck him out and break him. Out here that is a lot to ask for.

I was thrilled when the first person I asked knewΒ  of a woman who might be willing. I know it is prejudiced but I would so much rather have a woman train my horse than a man. I would be so offended if I heard that said in reverse.

Anyway, she agreed to take him with some reservation being a four year old stud and all. I understand her doubts, when people told me their horses were ready to ride it usually meant they were spoiled rotten and needed twice the work. She even, very nicely, stopped and picked him up. Now that is service. I was very proud of my boy he walked right into the trailer. It’s a little thing but so embarrassing when they wont load.

She even allowed me to come watch today when she worked him for the first time. It always surprised me how seldom people ever, never, came to see their horses in training. I have seen good trainers and I have seen and heard of horrible things done in the name of breaking horses. So we, the Goblin Child and I, watched as she put him through his paces. She asked him to yield his hind quarters and longed him asking him to turn and stop. Then she saddled him, his first time with a rear cinch. After a little ground driving she decided to get on.

I couldn’t believe it, it was so exciting. She called Allen in to hold the long line and hopped on. His first step was a bit unsteady but then he moved right out. All in all it was very uneventful, they walked and trotted in both directions then got off. I couldn’t have hoped for a better first ride. I can’t wait to see what they do tomorrow


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  1. By tellingson on

    so exciting! My oldest grand child, or maybe my first great-grandchild, is in school!
    You did such a good job on the ground work I am not surprised your trainer can get right on! Cant wait till he is done and can come back home/


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