2 November 2012

Baby’s Dreams

Jesus came to the baby while she was still in her Momma’s belly

He tells her, “I will always take care of you and love you little Elly”

I promise never to leave you alone

Not ever, not now, not after you are born

Her parents watch their child as she is sleeping

They wonder what can a baby be dreaming

They don’t know that Jesus is talking to her still

She smiles and nods and listens to his will

He let her meet her guardian angel

Who was clothed in gowns of purple

He tells her of calves, ponies and sheep

She listens to it all while she’s asleep

She gives a tug on an angel’s wing

And pulls a cloud, like a balloon, on a string

Jesus waves good-bye at heavens gate

Tells her she must go now she can’t be late

He tells her He loves her

And promises to keep her

Safe and sound

In her Fathers arms she is bound

A baby’s dreams

Are beautiful things

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  1. By tellingson on

    Megan, I love this! It makes me cry. Now dont forget to tell her, every day, that Jesus loves her and always will!


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