24 March 2020

The Way That Calves Get Born

We were checking cows and we came across a cow that had a water bag out. Then we went and looked around. Then we came back, we saw the outline of a calf head and front legs. They were in the water bag.

We went and played around a bit more. Then we came back and it still wasn’t out!

We went and played around a bit more. When we came back it was hanging out.

We drove over and looked up close. The calf was stuck. Then mama went and tried to pull it out. Then it came out.

The end.

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Posted March 24, 2020 by Neversummer in category "Cows", "Goblin Child


  1. By GrammyE on

    Eeuuu. That’s gross. At least mama had to pull it out and not you!


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