25 January 2019

Toothless, 2

With only one tooth left in front after the two of them had been fighting for the middle spot the remaining one got to take over the center. She looked like a young adorable hillbilly. She wouldn’t let me take a picture and I didn’t try very hard to get one because there was no rush. I would have time. She looked so adorable.

When I Picked her up from the bus after school the next day she showed me how she could bend her tooth clear backwards. I appear to be overcoming my revulsion for wiggly teeth. Instead of gagging I noticed that was bending CLEAR backwards and there was very little holding it in. I told her just to pull it out. She said she couldn’t.

We sat on the couch that evening watching a bit of tv. Without a word she left. Disappearing for awhile. She returned tooth in hand and an even more gap toothed grin. She had done the deed.

This time the tooth fairy was very careful to remember to visit. It was probably easier to keep her wings de-iced since she was already in the neighborhood.

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  1. By TEllingson on

    Good job! Did she git brave and pull it out or did it fall out by itself? She sure looks cute!

    1. By Neversummer (Post author) on

      Yes, she got brave and pulled it out. All by herself!


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