3 October 2012

A Fall Ride

I got to go for a ride this weekend, two actually. My husband watched Elly and gave me time to ride. It was so nice to be out of the house, the days were beautiful. Those crisp fall days with the wind whistling through the corn stalks. Enough bite to the air to make the horse shy at every rustling leaf. Coyote felt good and once I began to regain my seat after such a long hiatus I enjoyed his spookiness immensely. I would have liked a nice run but that might have pushed my recently sliced open stomach a little to far. I would hate to have my guts spill out onto my saddle.

My favorite fall story is The Legend of Sleepy Hollow. I always envision the headless horseman on a fiery Morgan. What a sight that would have been, galloping through the beautiful trees with their fallen leaves churning up under pounding hooves. Add pumpkins to the picture and all my favorite things are covered. So for an hour we pretended to be my favorite literary character. Of course we stirred Corn leaves not oak leaves.We could use more trees around here. I miss the fall colors.

Elly is lucky she was a girl or she might have been named Ichabod

This one is even the same color as Coyote. I see some other similarities as well, the evil eye and good temperment.

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  1. By t ellingson on

    sounds like fun Megan! I too went for a beautiful fall ride. two actually one monday and one yesterday. Yesterday you would have loved it! All the bright yellow leaves and red sumack. all the rustling and crunching underfoot. The wild turkeys that are no longer scary, now that Smoke knows they run when you chase them! Wish you had been there!
    How bout next week?


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