7 May 2018

Garden Beginnings ’18

We finally got the garden started. No potatoes in the ground by Good Friday this year. It’s been too cold for that anyway. This year the tomatoes and peppers went in the greenhouse at the same time that the potatoes and cabbages and even two rows of corn went in. We also went out on a limb and planted beets, swiss chard, and zucchini. The Goblin Child was actually a big help this year. 8 Still not so much. We planted a corn/sunflower house for them again this year. No maze this time. It never did work out as well as it sounded. This year we just did a circle, with a double row of corn and a wire panel trellis as the entry way. They have already started enjoying it.

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  1. By tellingson on

    cute little people working away! Hey did I give you two pairs of boots one for each child? If not I don’t know where they went!

    1. By Neversummer (Post author) on

      I don’t know. When did you give them the boots? What type of boots?

      1. By tellingson on

        mud boots. one had boats, I think, maybe blue? Seems like the others, for TGC were orange or yellow


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