16 December 2017

The Littlest Christmas Tree

The Goblin Child had her school Christmas program last week. It was adorable. She had been telling us that she was going to be a mother and had been singing snippets of the songs. It was great to see it all put together.

The story was of three trees growing in the forest. A family, our G.C., that came along and chose the biggest one for their Christmas tree. A second family came along and chose the second biggest. The littlest tree was sad that no one wanted her. Then the birds and bunnies came and decorated her and a star saw and came to perch atop her. It was very well done. The music teacher always does an excellent job with all the programs. And we enjoyed it immensely.


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  1. By TEllingson on

    Good job G.C! You look very pretty!I think you could be a star!


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