30 October 2017

Fall Doin’s

We are getting all the required fall things done. We got snowed on. Just a skiff that was melted by noon. (it snowed again last night, that snow hasn’t melted yet)

The Goblin Child’s class visited the pumpkin patch. They played and climbed and painted pumpkins. Of course we all went with.

The corn harvest is nearly done. It was short this year only two partial pivots.

We had our pumpkin carving party. It was just as much fun as usual. Then we had fun decorating with ours. Then Rusty ate them.

The Goblin Child went to her first haunted house. I had told her many times about how going to a haunted house in Omaha with my dad was my favorite thing growing up. She asked a few times when she was going to get to go so I was thrilled when I saw there was going to be one nearby. We went for the early lights on tour,so technically 8 went through his first too! She loved it so much she wanted to go through again. Her father and I went through by ourselves half date half making sure it would be ok. We thought it was so she went through with Whitten and his parents. They held hands and led the way through. She still loved it. That’s my girl!

There was a scarecrow competition in town. Everybody made really great scarecrows and it was nice to see most of the town participating in a just for fun, fall spirit event.


And, saving the best for last, we have been practicing our bareback riding! Getting ready for those cold winter rides and practicing good riding skills. There’s no better way to learn!

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