5 December 2016

A, Snow, Day At The Park

It was so cute, 8 kept getting snow flakes on his eye lashes. He would blink lots and look up at the sky, which of course got more snow flakes on his eye lashes, then he looked at me in wonder and smiled.

It was the last warm day before we drop below freezing and stay there. While it was still warm and sunny this morning I decided we were going to the park after lunch. By lunch time the snow flurries had changed into outright snow fall. I didn’t see any reason to let a little thing like that ruin our plans.

The kids were bundled up warm in their coats and gloves. Their jeans soaked through quickly and 8 only had thin knit gloves. I was worried they’d be cold but they were running so hard they didn’t seem to notice. The slides were coated in snow and ice. 8 was the first to go down and flew off the end of the slide to land on his butt many feet away. He looked a little stunned but it must not have been too bad, he was up and at it again in no time.

They played while I tried to take pictures without ruining my phone until I decided 8’s hands must be getting too cold caked with snow as they were. We stripped off wet clothes in the car and covered up with their car blankets. Once home they cuddled and played together in front of the fire. Today, if no other time πŸ˜‰ , they are entirely to adorable.



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  1. By TElliingson on

    how cute! They really do fly off that slide! Hope they got all their energy out before being stuck inside out of the cold.

  2. By justin on

    I am happy you take advantage of evry opportunity to spend time with your kids

    1. By Neversummer on

      I am a stay at home mom. It\’s kind of hard not to spend time with them, it\’s what I do!


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